Why Lawyers Suck! Hacking the Legal System, Part 1

"It is riveting! I couldn't stop reading it!!! ... your sense of humor had me laughing just when my shoulders and neck was tensing over the heavy, intense legal parts. Can't wait to finish it!! and then wanting part II." - Gabriella

"Fascinating introspection on the legal profession. This is a must read for anyone approaching a legal hassle." - NS

"If you have ever been represented by a lawyer, I would bet that you wish you had read this book first. If you need to be represented by a lawyer you must read this book first. If nothing else, this book could save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. Better yet, this book may help you come to your senses and not even bother diving head first into a losing cause. . . ." - Martin K.

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About the Author

Melody A. Kramer is a lawyer with 20 years of experience in and out of courtrooms, from small claims to federal circuit appeals courts, in states spanning from California to New Hampshire. She has won trials and lost trials, known the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, and along the way, written hundreds of thousands of pages of documents filed with the courts.  She knows how to tell a story, whether in a legal brief or to a jury.

She is the ideal author for this particular project because she both has attention to detail and likes to stretch the boundaries of thought and possibility in her writing. See other writing samples:

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Wall of Gratitude

This project would not be possible without the support and contributions of friends, family, professional colleagues, and complete strangers, all of whom have contributed suggestions, insights, inspiration, financial contributions, expertise, and moral support.  A heartfelt thank you goes out to the following:

Stephanie Anderson – Jim Bartok ~ Marliese Bartz ~ Del Bateman ~ Jay Beams – Victoria Best – Jeff Bleich Kellee Boyles Wip ~ Dr. Rick Brinkman Shawn Burger ~ Kristi Carner ~ Mike Carner ~ David Cameron Carr Amy Chang ~ Dr. Dov Cohen Gabriella Coniglio – Candace George Conradi – James Cruickshanks – Aviva Cuyler Louise Davidson Thesman ~ Patricia Dean Howell ~ Gavin De Becker ~ Prof. Robert Denicola Anne-Marie Diggle Rabago ~ Dr. David Dortch Keith Douglas – Ann Eisen – Karen and Kevin Elliott – Jason Fried Linda Greer Bella Guzman ~ Heather Hagen Debbie Haldeman ~ Felena Hanson ~ David Heinemeier Hansson May L. Harris ~ Josh Hartwell – Alicia Henderson Jereme Hill ~ Pam Johnson-Bennett Marty “Titanium” Katz – Bethany Kelly ~ Bridget Kennedy Beck ~ Virginia Kerrigan Ruehrwein ~ Jan B. King ~ Jeannel King ~ Sophia Kinsella Bill Kipp – Dr. Rick Kirschner Herb & Betty Kramer – Ted & Cori Smith Kramer ~ Wilfried Kramer ~ Christopher D. Kwoka Brian Lentz ~ Prof. William Lyons Ana Bella Masiddo ~ Hollan McBride ~ Jack & Nan McCartney – Anne McColl ~ Jolene McDonough ~ DeAnna McGough ~ Stefan Merour ~ Anne Mihalkanin Mike Mihalkanin ~ Joseph Miller Steinar & Marianne Myhre Jennifer McSherry Navarro ~ Mark Messer –  Amanda Mineer ~ Melissa Murray ~ Carol Mutz – Kit Myers ~ Dr. Richard Nisbett Stephanie Nivinskus ~ Juliet Monique Oberding ~ Michael Parker ~ Farheen Pasha ~ Christy Pavano ~ K. Randolph Ken & Millie Raske – Kerwin Raske ~ Noelle Raske ~ Marney Reid ~ Gordon Rick – Vicky Rowley – Jeanine Sachs – Damon Scaggs – Ellen Scott Grable ~ Marcy Shoberg ~ Fred Simons Amy Laurel Smith Hegy ~ Nancy Hannings Smith – Prof. John Snowden ~ Aaron Sorkin Mary Stovall ~ Janice Taniguchi ~ Trisha Taniguchi – Scott Turow R. David and Carolyn B. Verdugo – Lynda Webb West ~ Mary Wenzel ~ Barbara Whisonant – Joseph White Kendall Williams ~ Matthew S. Wilson Steven Zaillian

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